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I just deleted my facebook

Hey guys, my name is dustin h and I just deleted my Facebook. The reason for this is the self destructing nature of human beings. My dumb ass family has turned it into a dog and pony show. I am done. Eff them.
I have a baby on the way, and live in suburbia maryland. I am currently in school full time, and my wife is more or less supporting me. With my family being selfish assholes, I am very much invested in my little family. They’re all I have right now. I scored with the inlaws too. They’re all very kind generous people.
Lemme start ff here by talking about myself a bit. I am an alcoholic/addict in recovery, almost four years sober now. I used to party hardy and then the party ended. I moved into a better chapter. I also enjoy playing some video games and pretty much hanging out at my house. I’m not a very going out kinda guy. I work on my house for funsies on my free time, and am an avid reader. I used to DJ in Atlanta for a few years, until the partying got outta control. So. I have done a lot of different stuff in my life, but in the end, I found school, and hanging out with my little loved ones the most fullfillment I have found out of this lifetime.
I also hav

e found, thru school, that I love writing. My career, eventually, will be engineering. So, pursuing a life as a writer is not really what I want to do. Too much work, but if I can find a few people to follow me, I can relieve some stress, and maybe come up with a life story here that’s going to be interesting to read.
I gotta run here. But my next story will be all about my Fu*king family!